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We take our environmental and social responsibility extremely seriously and we are committed to developing our business towards ecological, social and economic sustainability.


Our commitment to the environment in business operations broadly falls under the following areas:


Sourcing Supplies of Sustainably Grown Timber

We make it our business to ensure that the majority of our timber is sourced from Agents utilising sustainably grown UK forests. We are an FSC© registered company.


Transportation and Distribution


Our hauliers work closely with the Forestry Commission to comply with all current legislation in regard to working hours and practices.


We have practically no waste, using the central portion of the log for fencing with the outer portion being chipped and distributed for use in floorboard manufacture, gardening mulch etc.


The sawdust is collected and distributed for use in wood fuel pellets, animal bedding, etc


We have a rain water collection system to help reduce our water consumption for the treatment plant.

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