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Preservation Treatment


Gargunnock Sawmill houses a treatment plant, in which we can permeate the cut wood for preservation against the elements.


The vacuum pressure treatment is offered with a green or brown finish, and utilises Koppers performance chemicals proven Celcire AC-500 and Celbronze brown products. These are water-based copper quaternary preservative used for protection of fencing, timber decking and ladscaping timbers and construction timbers. Applied by high pressure impregnation and being chemically fixed to the wood gives long term protection.


What are the benefits for you, the customer, of preserving timber?


When exposed to certain conditions, in particular when the moisture content is allowed to rise above 24%, timber is susceptible to attack from fungi and insects. The service life of properly treated timber is 5 to 10 times longer than untreated wood.


How Peter & W E Cramb treat timber

The method of application is in a sealed pressure vessel, to which a vacuum is applied to remove air from the wood cells. Preservative is then forced under high pressure into the timber.


 After the timber has absorbed the required amount of preservative, all excess fluid is removed from the cylinder and returned to the storage tank for re-use.


The Koppers website contains a wealth of information and downloadable literature relating to Celcure AC- 500

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